based in rural south WEST AUSTRALIA

Timber Artisan

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Meet the artist

Wind, fire and water

Woven through all of Neil Turner’s artwork is a deep respect for the material and the natural forces that have acted upon it. He looks for the quiet ripples eroded in soil by wind, the delicate eddies left by water, and the swirling lick of flames.

Neil works in negative, observing the subtle interplay of light and shadow and creating fluid forms from solid wood.

He primarily uses Australian timbers and works in a highly sympathetic way with the material, the natural features of the timber informing the finished piece.

To design and create in timber posses many challenges both in structure and integrity but the pleasure I derive from my work is simple, a joy and passion to create pieces of work that I like.
— Neil Turner
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I am impressed with Neil Turner’s skill, the conceptual complexity of his work, the aesthetic appeal for audiences and the significance of his chosen medium. Neil is obviously a highly skilled and technically accomplished craftsperson. This is evident in his contemporary interpretation of wood as a medium and innovative application of traditional wood working techniques.

His recent work is both intriguing and impressive. Neil’s use of negative space introduces an element of fragility as well as a subtle interplay with light. There is a sensitivity and delicacy in his practice that belies the hardness and relative inflexibility of his chosen medium.
— Sonya Dye, Former Director Bunbury Regional Art Galleries


Workshops & Demonstrations

Neil enjoys sharing the knowledge he has gained over a lifetime of woodturning.

He has been invited to demonstrate his skills at schools and associations both locally and internationally. 

Contact the artist for more information about workshops and demonstrations. 


Currently accepting

Contact the artist about private commissions, public artworks and one-off furniture pieces.